iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager is a feature-rich booking & dispatch platform suitable for all transport operators including taxi, car with driver, minibus or coach. transfersystems recommends iVcardo.


The versatile iVcardo platform accepts advance and on demand bookings, manages availability and optimises the assignment of jobs.
iVcardo is a secure online application that's economical for small businesses and fully scalable to suit the needs of large corporations.
The fully integrated driver app keeps drivers connected with dispatch, receives all booking details and sends live status updates.
Add e-commerce capability to any website and receive bookings directly into iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager.
Save time and airport parking fees. iVcardo tracks status of incoming flights and alerts drivers about delays and the new ETA.
iVcardo provides detailed performance reports, helping owners and managers to monitor every aspect of their transport business.

Good for Drivers

Professional drivers know that performing airport transfers is not straightforward, so it's important to have up-to-date information and to stay in touch with dispatch. Drivers using the iVcardo app:

  • have full job details to hand
  • can stay organised
  • receive reminders & alerts
  • get updates from dispatch
  • get free flight monitoring
  • are protected against complaints
  • can report customer incidents
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Good for dispatchers

Managing a fleet of vehicles is easier with iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager. Thank goodness, because the expectations of clients and customers are higher than ever! iVcardo helps dispatchers to:

  • consolidate all bookings
  • see bookings by day, week or month
  • plan jobs for the following day
  • see the live location of drivers
  • issue schedule changes to drivers
  • communicate with drivers
  • always stay in control!
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Good for customers

Booking transport in a foreign country is easy now that most travel websites offer airport transfers. But ensuring the service lives up to expectations is as challenging as ever! iVcardo helps by:

  • providing an API for transfersystems
  • managing availability in real-time
  • ensuring drivers have all job details
  • providing driver-dispatch comms
  • supporting customer apps
  • allowing customers to rate drivers
  • providing total accountability
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iVcardo Booking & Operations Manager

transfersystems requires all transport operators to use modern booking and dispatch systems. The ride-hailing app companies are here to stay, so the industry must adapt. Transport operators using email and spreadsheets or grappling with old-school taxi dispatch software will be left behind. It's time to upgrade and iVcardo is our recommended solution.

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